Harley Walls
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December 22, 1982
Born in Jacksonville, Florida on Wednesday, December 22, 1982 at 6:23 a.m. at University Hospital. Harley weighed 8 pounds, 8 ounces (healthy baby boy) delivered by Dr. Ameen. Mother is Beverly, Father is Harley Allen Walls.
I was 27 and Harley was my first child, it took me a long time to get pregnant and I was the happiest and proudest Mother in the world.
Harley was my Christmas present!!!
Baby's and Mother's I.D. braclet.
December 22, 1982
This is the I.D. tag that was on Harley's crib at the Hospital, Harley's last name was different at delivery as I was not married to Harley's father at the time of his birth.
December 28, 1982
Harley is 6 days old and he is a good baby, he has a good appetite and sleeps well. Harley is my pride and joy!!!
December 22, 1983
"Happy 1st Birthday Harley"
Harley had 10 teeth at 11 months old and can climb off and on the couch, I can't believe he is already 1 year old!!! He started to walk about a week after he turned 1.
December 25, 1983
Harley's 1st Christmas with Santa, he did not look to happy sitting on Santa's lap.
December 22, 1984

"Happy 2nd Birthday Harley"
Harley got a lot of toys for his Birthday, a lot of trucks & cars and push toys that he can play in the sand with. Harley dosen't care how dirty he gets, he loves to play with the garden hose and get wet and dirty.

December 25, 1984

Harley's 2nd Christmas,
I just love watching Harley open up his presents and see his happy face and beautiful smile.

February 12, 1985

Harley got a new little baby brother named Johnny to play with. Harley and Johnny were very close to each other and became inseperable, where one was the other was right there or not to far behind. I was very proud of the love that they shared for one another.

December 22, 1985
"Happy 3rd Birthday Harley"
Harley is growing by leaps and bounds, he is a kind, loving and considerate little boy who always has a smile on his face. He loves dogs and cats and playing in the mud.
February 13, 1986
Harley also has a new little sister named Nicole to play with. (Harley, Johnny, Momma and Nicole at Goldhead State Park).
December 22, 1986

"Happy 4th Birthday Harley"
Harley got plenty of toys, cars and trucks to play with, he is growing up to fast.

December 25, 1986
"Merry Christmas"
Harley and Johnny sitting on Santa's lap.
December 22, 1987
"Happy 5th Birthday Harley"
I can't believe Harley is already 5 years old, the years are just flying by, soon he will be going to school.
August 29, 1988(Kindergarten) School Year 1988-1989 Lake Asbury Elementary
Today is a very special and exiciting day for Harley and me, it is Harley's first day in Kindergarten at Lake Asbury Elementary, his first day in a classroom filled with children his own age. His teacher is Mrs. Thea Smith, very nice teacher, this is Harley's first experience with being in school as I was a stay at home Mother so Harley was never in day care or pre-school.
I was fortunate to be able to stay at home with my children, as I know a lot of Mother's have to work to make ends meet.
We went to orientation and we all went shopping for Harley's school supplies, it was a little sad for me as felt that Harley was leaving me, but he was growing up and going off to school.
August 29 arrived and Harley got on the school bus and I followed the bus to check out the route and even though we had gone to orientation I wanted to make sure Harely found his classroom. I hugged and kissed him goodbye and wished him a good day and as I watched him go sit down I started crying as Harley had been at home with me everyday since birth and now he was growing up and going off to school, I was going to miss him being at home with us during the daytime.
It was a sad day for me and I know Johnny would also miss playing with Harley but I knew that he had to be in school, I just felt like Harley was leaving me forever.
Harley was excited and a little nervous as he was not used to being around a lot of different children, he was always at home playing with Johnny and their cousin Tommy and also their friend, Frankie Brown.
August 29, 1988 School Year 1988-1989
This is Harley's name tag that was on his desk in Kindergarten, I have kept it on the refrigerater all these years.
December 22, 1988
"Happy 6th Birthday Harley"
Harley turned 6 today, had a Birthday party and got some clothes and money.
February 13, 1989 (Kindergarten) School Year 1988-1989 Lake Asbury Elementary
Harley's Kindergarten homework: Write a letter to your Mother and mail it, I treasure this letter Harley wrote to me when he was 6 years old.
December 20, 1988 Kindergarten School Year 1988-1989 Lake Asbury Elementary
This is a Christmas card from Mrs. Smith thanking Harley for the rocking horse present that he gave her for Christmas.
June 7, 1989 Kindergarten School Year 1988-1989 Lake Asbury Elementary
Harley received this award for Reading Achievement, he loved to read the children's books, and got a lot of "free pizza coupons"for reading a lot. I was very proud of Harley!!!
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