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HAPPY EASTER HARLEY  / Tami-Mom Of Angel Ryan Hook
FOR EASTER  / Nancy Davis

May you have a blessed Easter.

Nancy Davis
George and Shirley Dean
Harley.... / Diane Angel Mom- Katie Cassidy
Happy Easter Harley  / Jean Smith (Wife of Edward(AngelFriend) )

Happy Easter

With Love To Dear Harley XOXO  / Jane Einarson Matthew's Mom (I care/angel Mom friend )
Harley was here  / Cassandra J. Hyatt ^i^ Families (mem of Danny Groves )
Each day passes and a new one begins.  Though it is hard to make it through the nights sometimes.  I will live the rest of my days in ~Harley~ honor.  I will have peace in my heart knowing that ~Harley~ was mine. ~Harley~ Was here to make me who I am today.  Yes, there are so many questions that I want answered.  Yes, I do have anger that ~Harley~ is not here with me now.
Yes I want to keep ~
Harley~ memory inside me, and share it with those that will listen. Though somedays it is hard to get out of bed I will do it for ~Harley~.  For those people that cross my path when I am having a bad moment, please somehow send them a sign that I am sorry.  For the times when I received a phone call and I dont seem to freindly. please forgive me.
For those that are reading this and feel the same way I do, Please light a candle so I know I am not alone in this world.  Let me know that you too are hurting for the loss of your loved one.  This is the only way we are going to make it through this.....  Together......
Harley~  was here in body, HE is still here in spirit and HE is with you always.  Know that when you are having a bad time, and feeling lonely.... ~Harley IS STILL HERE!!!!~  Carry him with you, live your life the way ~Harley~ would have.
I wrote this for the families that have lost a loved one.  You are not alone. but If you are like me, sometimes you feel that way.
Lots of love and understanding,
Cassandra,,, memory of my beloved Brother Danny Groves...

for you  / Nancy Davis
Happy St' Patrick's Day!!!  / Barbie Schmidt (Sarah's mommy )
Many well wishes on this St. Patrick's Day.  From Sarah-bear's family to yours..."Big hugs" and lots of prayer.  May you have a blessed day x3`

"HAPPY SAINT PATRICK'S DAY HARLEY"  / Johnette-Angels: Joseph DesRochers, Colt Penny, Toby Meister, Madison Foell, Mary Bates (Friend)





so sorry  / Marissa Anderson (Girlfriend to angel Buggs Traill )

I'm so sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to your family. You are all in my prayers.  May God bless each and every one of you and give you strength.

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