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Happy St. Pat's Day!  / Ann Reeves (friend)

((( Sending hugs & prayers )))  / Jane Speidel, Mom Of Adam Waymire (caring friend, son is angel friend )

Peanuts animation art cels and drawingsI am so sorry for your loss, your precious and handsome son, Harley. I am also angry that Johnny was arrested & put through the legal system--HE DIDN'T WANT THIS TO HAPPEN!!  I don't see where he was being malicious at all. A passenger grabbed the steering wheel?  Where's the compassion?  He's in enough pain, and has enough heartache & sorrow. Johnny, you have my prayers & my compassion. I am glad that you have your mom to talk to--& your girlfriend--I say, stay with this young lady. ((((( HUGS to Harley's loving family )))))

Happy St. Patrick's day dear Harley!  / Valerie Haslett (((I Care)) )

My Prayer  / Melissa Smith

God, darkness is closing in on me. I've been trying to avoid the inevitable and need You to help me realize that being in the darkness is part of my journey through grief. I don't want to dread or fear it but to embrace it and allow You to use it to change me. Slow me down, Lord, and allow me to face my pain and loss. Be my comforter, encourager, companion, and light. Illuminate the dark night. Show me today how being in the darkness has and will enlarge my soul. Amen

Happy St. Patrick's Day  / Donna Hurth Sarah's Mom


Happy St. Patricks Sweet Harley XO  / Jane Einarson~Matthew's Mom (I care very much/friend )
St. Patrick's Day  / Jean Smith (Wife of Edward )

Thinking of you and keeping you in my thoughts.
God Bless You and Your Family and may
 God and your Angel Harley
watch over you and comfort
Love to you

Bless this Angel...  / Tina Dore Angel Gene Bungay
Just stopping by to send my prayers and say hello to this very special angel. Praying our Angels watch over us every moment of everyday. 


If you haven't already released a Virtual Butterfly for your Angel, please feel free to follow the link below, I have created a site to release butterflies for all our angels...
Here is a little angel!  / Donna Medeiros (visitor)

This is a little angel

I’ve sent her here to you

And asked her to bless,

your family members too.

My heart goes out to all of you,

I can relate to all your pain.

Someone dear is missing

he went up to Heavens lane.

The golden gates have opened,

and with a smile he went

You will never forget about him

or the times together spent.

Memories and strength will keep you going,

this I know is true,

And when your feeling sad

Remember, he's right beside you.                                                      

Happy St. Patrick's Day H  / Debbie Wengert (Kevin's Mom )

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