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Thank you  / Sherry Kimbler (None)
Thank you so very much for visiting my son, Nicholas Floriana's website.  It means so much to me to know that others care.  You have such a beautiful site here for Harley.  He and Nick both passed away at the same age.  It is so heartbreaking.  I so understand what you mean when you say that you are thinking he is just gone away for awhile.  I think the same about Nick.  I still find myself kissing his picture every night and asking him to come back to me.  I also think about the other kids that were in the car the night Harley died.  It sounds like a bunch of happy go lucky kid's lives all turned to hell.  I am hoping somehow that some good will come of our experiences.  I'm not sure what it is, but I keep hoping.  You can tell your son was very special and loved dearly.  My heart aches for you and all the other parents that have or will go through what we have.  Please know that I am here to listen if you need to talk.  God Bless you All.
"Why?" / Beverly (Mother)
My Sweet Harley,
It has been rainy off and on all day today and the roads are a mess so I did not get to visit you today. Hopefully next Sunday will be ok, I feel better when I can go visit you.
I know you were looking out for Drew while he was in the hospital, I talked to him today and he was getting discharged, I told him some time this week I will make him some stuffed peppers. I worry about Drew as he will always have a battle with the pressure sores.I am also worried about Johnny as October is not to far away, I have lost one son I can not lose another. Harley you are always on my mind every moment of every day, I just can't accept that you are not coming home, your room is just how you left it, the posters are still covering the holes you and Johnny and all the guys put in them while you were all wrestling.
There are a lot of web-sites on here from parent's that have lost a child, so they know how I feel, they are all going through the same feelings and they have the same pain in my heart and head that I have.The hole and emptiness that we all share will never go away, we have to learn to live with this feeling.I continue to ask God "WHY?"
I Love You And Miss You Every Moment Of Every Day!!!!!!!
Until Next Time My Sweet Harley..........Look Out For All That Love & Miss You..Always In My Heart!!
Love, Momma  xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Life is so unfair  / Beverly (Mother)
My Sweet Harley,
Today was not a good day for me, of course no day is good anymore, I just am surviving each day, I stopped living the night you died. Everytime I turn on the t.v. everytime I read the paper, their is another child that has passed away for all kinds of different reasons, I can't understand this and never will. Innocent children that haven't even begun to live, again I ask God "why are the evil ones allowed to live and keep hurting people?" Why does he have to take the good young people that haven't had a chance to live their life? I just don't have faith anymore. We love you and miss you and I will see you up there!! Until next time My Sweet Harley....
Sweet Dreams and Sleep Tight!!!!
Love, Momma  xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox
Another weekend without you  / Beverly (Mother)

My Sweet Harley,
I wrote you last Sunday but I don't know what happened, it didn't get printed. Dan & I went to see you today & mowed the lawn, it looks real nice, I know how you liked to keep the lawn at the house mowed. The rose bush has 2 flowers on it & it is beautiful. Tomprrow will be rough for me, it is the 4th of July & I have so many beautiful memories of the holidays, going to the parade & swimming at Strickland's with all of you kids & maybe Dustin or Garrett or Timmy & then later on watching the fireworks. Sunday is always a rough day as that is the day that we lost you, I always go visit you every Sunday & I talk to you and then I cry & then I talk some more. I miss you so much I can't stand it, we all miss you & love you so much. Johnny is so lost without you. Please look out for Drew, he has a pressure sore that has been getting worse and the Dr. had to admit him to the hospital, it is a pretty serious wound, he is in good spirits, but please watch over him and keep him safe.
I never thought about death to much, but when I did think about it I never, ever thought that I would ever have to bury one of my children and it is the most gut-wretching, hearbreaking, devastating pain in this world to have to go through. I will never get over your death, all I can do is wait until it is my time before I am reunited with you again. You are with me each moment of every day, you are in my heart & soul and always in my thoughts. You are loved and missed by all who knew you.
Until next time My Sweet Harley......
I love you & miss you
Love, Momma  xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Thinking of Harley  / Patty Stephen's Mom (Just passing by )

   I was passing by and saw your beautiful son's site..he reminds me of someone who would have been friends with my son, Stephen. They are about the same age. My son was 21 when he left, almost 10 months ago. I know the pain you feel and wanted to say how very sorry I am for you. And let you know I am thinking of your Harley today. I am so glad to be able to know a little about him from this site. He seems very special. I will pray for you all.
                          God Bless you all,

                           Stephen's mom,

It's Father's Day  / Beverly (Mother)

My Sweet Harley,
Today is Father's Day and I know if you were here you would cook Dan some breakfast for his special day. I know that you would have given him a nice Father's Day card, I just can't accept that you are not here with us, the pain of losing you is like someone ripped out my heart, I do what is expected of me each day and each day just runs into another day and another day just goes by. There is a hole and emptiness in my heart that will never be mended. I miss you so much that some days I think I am going crazy, my mind is not what is used to be, my health has deterioated, nothing means anything to me anymore. Harley, the night you died I died with you, I am just hanging on for Johnny, Nicole & Dan. I am always asking God "Why did he let this happen?" "Why did he have to take you?" I have lived my life, God could have had me.
I went to see you today and the rose bush I planted is doing well, it has a bud on it and will bloom soon, I am going to put another plant out for you, but am not sure what kind. I saw Drew, Chris and Chris's brother at Target today, please look out for Drew as he is having a rough time and needs your guidance, also Johnny is having a difficult time because you are not here with him and he loves and misses you so much. Until next time my precious Son....I Love You & Miss You Every Moment Of Every Day...You Are Always In My Heart & Thoughts!!!! Look out for all That Love & Miss You!!!!
Love, Momma   xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Missing You  / Beverly (Mother)
My Sweet  Harley,
Haven't written in a while, I am totally exhausted from working & if I sit down & rest I end up falling asleep.I miss you every moment of every day. I never imagined that I would have to live my life without one of my children and it is Hell, if only I could change places with you. I just can't accept that you are not here, I will never be able to accept it. Over and over I ask God why does he let the evil people of this world live on and why he takes the good young people? This I just can't understand and never will understand.
My Sweet Harley I am falling asleep while writing this so I am going to go for now & will write back when I get up.
I Love You & Miss You So Much, You Are In My Heart & Thoughts Every Moment Of Every Day!!!!
Please look out for everyone down here, Johnny & Drew need your guidance, look out for Greg's Grandmother as she is sick.
Love, Momma
Life is cruel & unfair  / Beverly (Mother)

Sweet Harley,
This is so much pain to bear, the loss of one's child, I know that one day I will have to accept that you are not coming back home here, but for right now I just can't accept it. If only we could have a choice about life, I would have given up my life so you could be here. This pain in my heart will stay with me till the day I die. I always ask God "Why You?" He could have had me and left you here to live your life.
Life is just so cruel and unfair, I always assumed that I would pass away before any of my children, because we as parent's feel this way. No one can possibly know and feel this pain unless they have walked in our shoes.
Went to see you today and on the way saw Eddie at the store, so he went with me & put out a little dove for you, he also gave me 2 baseball cards for you but I need to put them in a little Ziploc bag so when it rains they won't get as wet. Someone left you a letter or card in a Ziploc bag, I put out some different flowers, as the others are starting to fade. I will say Goodnight now as I have not been feeling well. Until next time..... I Love You & Miss You So Very Much!!!!   You Are Always In My Heart & Thoughts!!!!  Look Out For Everyone That Loves & Misses You!!! You Are Loved & Missed By All Who Knew You!!! I will see you again one day, My Sweet Harley!!
Love, Momma   xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Past Memorial Day's  / Beverly (Mother)
Today is Memorial Day and all I could think about was our past Memorial Day's. Dan & myself, you, Johnny, Nicole and maybe Dustin or Garrett or any one of your friends getting up early & we all head out to Strickland's for a day of swimming & grilling out ribs, chicken, hot dogs & of course eating watermelon. It was so funny to get Dan into a pair of cut off blue jeans, he always wanted to hide his skinny legs. I realize as you and Johnny got older you all wanted to go to the beach with all of your friends, Oh how I wish I could turn back time!!!
I am so thankful that you were in our lives for 21 years, but I am so selfish and any Mother feels the same as I do, I wanted you in our lives forever, you 3 kids should have had to bury me, I know none of us knows what tomorrow brings, but to lose a child is like living in hell!!
I would sell my soul to the devil if I could have you back here!!!!  You are always on my mind and I will grieve for you till the day I die!!!  I will always ask God "Why?"
What is God's plan for you, I had my own plan for you, you had your own plan for you. Why does God have to take our children and put us through this agony, pain,
and suffering? Harley, know that you are truly loved & missed by so many people, Until next time......
I Love You & Miss You Every Minute Of Every Day!!!!!
Please look out for everyone down here!!!!
I know you have met some good, kind-hearted, loving, caring, young people up there!!!
Love, Momma   xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
No word to describe the pain!!!  / Beverly (Mom)

A Child that loses a parent is an orphan,
A Man that loses his wife is a widower,
A Woman that loses her husband is a widow,
There is no name for a parent that loses a child,
For there is no word to describe the pain!!!!!!

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