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I feel normal Beverely after reading your letters to your son Harley.  / Donna Robert (Mother who lost her daughter )

Hi Beverely,

I do not know you, but I feel so close to you in the fact that you feel exactly like I do.

I lost my daughter just over 5 months ago in a tragic car accident. She died on impact. Angie was only 24 years old. She left behind a son who turned 3, three weeks after her passing. She was a devoted Mom and daughter. You can visit her site she was very similar to your description of your son. Everyone loved Angie. She is remember for her smile also.

I thought I was going through hell over the death of my daughter. You describe your feelings exactly how my are. Why? Why? Why? Why not me instead of her? Why the good ones? etc...

I don't think anyone could possibly know what it is like to lose a child. We expect our grandparents, our parents, ourselves to go one day. We prepare for we prepare for our children to go before us. That is not how the circle of life is suppose to go.

I also had three children. My two boys and my husband is having a very hard time. We were protective parents and devoted to our family. We are all very close. Angie's poor son, is confused. He is starting to understand about God and Jesus and Heaven. He is now starting to realize that Mommy is someone that is safe, and she is happy. How much is a three year old suppose to comprend. We are adults and we can't comprend.

Angie's grandparents are having a very hard time. They are grieving for Angie and also hurting for me their daughter and my family.

I am so happy to have come upon your sons site. You made me feel like my feeling are normal. If you would like to ever talk I will give you my e-mail address

I can not imagine how all of Harley's friends feel. Especially the ones who were in the car when the accident took place. We can keep asking WHY? but I think we have to find support for ourselves so we can start and end each day a little happier for all the other people in our lives that love us.

It is not healthy, I have headaches all the time, and I just can't stop thinking of Angie and all the other young people in this world who have passed on.

I wish you and your family peace....and a big huggie....for u, we all need those.

Take care and God Bless
Missing My Harley  / Beverly (Mother)

My Sweet Harley,
I love you & miss you so much, life is lonely without you, I feel like I'm waiting for you to come home, I don't think I will ever get over feeling this way. I went to see you Sunday, as I always do, I used to like Sunday's, but everything seems to happen on Sunday, first Nicole hurts her leg on Sunday, then we lost you on a Sunday night & our lives were forever changed. I remember telling you on the morning on the 8th, I was going grocery shopping & you said good "buy some different ice cream & get the pizza with the cheese in the crust, I bought them especially for you, but you never came back home to eat them. Everything goes over & over in my head & you are always in my thoughts. I think what was so important in that duffle bag that you had to go then? We are all hurting, all I have left of you are my memories & pictures, they are beautiful memories & pictures, but we want you here with us!!!! I ask God "what have I done to deserve this?" Harley, If I could have had a choice I would have gone in your place. I am 49 & have lived my life, you were 21 & your life was just beginning & had so much to live for. Life just isn't fair!!!!
Why does God have to take our children? Your room is how you left it, Johnny has been sleeping in there since the accident. Harley, you brought such joy & happiness into my life, you were always such a good boy, kind, loving, considerate & thoughtful I ask God "Why."
I feel so robbed & cheated, I will never get to give you a hug & kiss, never get to ask you how your day went, never get to see you get married & have children & to enjoy your life. I feel so empty inside, but as each day passes, it brings me closer to seeing your beautiful smile!!! I know I was so overprotective with you, Johnny & Nicole, I tried to keep you all safe & from harm. A Mother gives birth, loves, nutures, protects her child, & in one split second her world turns into a living hell. There is no pain & heartache that can ever compare to holding your child's lifeless body in your arms. Dan goes to the cemetery with me sometimes, but he starts to cry & he gets upset, all you kids were like his own. I remember the time he would take out of his busy day to help you with the clutch on your truck, & to show you & Johnny how to do a brake job, he enjoyed helping you boys with your vehicles. I drive myself crazy asking "Why?" Why not me? You had so much to give, you made an impact on a lot of people's lives & touched so many Hearts!!! You are loved & missed by so many!!!
I hope you like this new memorial site, I just fell in love with it, it has so much more to offer, we can light a candle in memory of you & the pictures are presented really nice, I truly love it & I know you will to, this is an everlasting memorial so we can log on & read it anytime.I am truly honored & proud for the young man you turned out to be!!!! You made such a difference in so many people's lives, you will never be forgotten!!!!
When I am feeling lonely & sad I read the entries that everybody has written , it gives me great pleasure & comfort to know that you are so loved & missed!!!
I am thankful that in your short 21 years with us you had fun in your life & had many good times, but I'm selfish, maybe God wanted you now, but I wanted you more!!!!
I was talking to a woman named , Shirley who lost a 20 year old daughter named ,Gemma, due to a car accident, tell her she is loved & missed by all who knew her. I know with your awesome personaliy & beautiful smile that you will meet her & become friends!!
Well, My Precious Harley, Until next time.........
I Love You & Miss You Every Moment Of Every Day!!!!!!
You Are Always In My Heart & Thoughts!!!!!!!
Love, Momma  xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

In my Mind...  / Crystal Markowski (Friend)
In My Mind...

Somewhere in my dreams tonight
I'll see you standing there
You look at me with a smile
"Life isn't always fair"
You say you were chosen for his garden
His preciously hand picked bouquet
"God really needed me, That's why I couldn't stay"
It's said to be that angels
Are sent from above
I've always had my angel
My brother - whose heart was filled with love
Wherever the ocean meets the sky
There will be memories of you and I
When I look up at that sky so blue
All I see are visions of you
"While there's a heart in me, you'll be a part of me."
Life is a Journey...  / Crystal Markowski (Friend)

Birth is a beginning
and death a destination
And life is a journey:
From childhood to maturity
and youth to age;
From innocence to awareness
and ignorance to knowing;
From foolishness to desecration
and then perhaps to wisdom.
From weakness to strength or
from strength to weakness
and often back again;
From health to sickness
and we pray to health again.
From offense to forgiveness
from loneliness to love
from joy to gratitude
from pain to compassion
from grief to understanding
from fear to faith.
From defeat to defeat to defeat
until looking backwards or ahead
We see that victory lies not
at some high point along the way
but in having made the journey
step by step
a sacred pilgrimage.
Birth is a beginning
and death a destination
And life is a journey;
A sacred journey to life everlasting

Another boring summer....  / Crystal Markowski (Friend)

Wow Harley. It looks like it's going to be yet another boring summer without you. No Spring Break with you, no going to the beach with you, no anything...just memories that hurt. I can only imagine what your Mom goes through each and every day. I still have your nextel in my phone. I called it a couple of weeks ago, but it is some other girl's phone number now. I wish it wasn't. Please take real good care of your Mom. She isn't doing too well. She's going to the doctor more than anyone needs too. I am really worried about her. Keep her safe, as well as everyone else. I love and miss you Harley Scott Walls<3

Love / Sonia Michalak
Matt;s Mom
Merry Christmas!  / Fam. Of Scott &. Samantha Myers

Let's give a little Jesus,
to everyone, large and small,
for Jesus, the Messiah,
is the greatest gift of all.

The Lord Is Listening....God Bless you Beverly.  / Fam. Of Scott &. Samantha Myers

The Lord is Listening!

The Lord is always listening…
When you stop to pray!
He’ll give you strength and courage…
To face each trying day!

His love will never fail you!
It gives you strength anew!
It works within the heart…
To bring His peace to you!

In times of trials and sorrows…
You’ll find Him always near!
To help you through your trials…
And fill your heart with cheer!

No need to live in despair.
Don’t waste another day!
Arm yourself with faith and trust,
And don't forget to pray.

~ R,L,:Bob” Duncan Sr. ~



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