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"MERRY CHRISTMAS"  / Johnette Moninger (Friend)

A brief moment of darkness
was all that I knew,
before Heaven's Gate
came into my view.
Loved ones and friends
I had missed for many years,
welcomed me with open arms
and many happy tears.
All the hurt, fear, and pain
that I have ever known,
is gone from my life,
I am finally home.
I gazed upon the Lord's
sweet smiling face,
and for the first time in my life
I knew and felt His grace.
I know that you miss me,
but please dry your eyes.
I will always be watching and loving you
from my new home in the sky.
A cool breeze on your face,
a touch of light rain,
I will send as a reminder
that we will be united again.
Life on earth is but one
brief moment in time,
I am finally home,
Eternity is mine. 

Wishing you and yours
a very

Happy Birthday, Harley!  / Dianne/Mom Of Angel Nicholas White

Hello Harley,

I'm sending my "Happy Birthday Wishes" up to you in heaven attached to the streamers of these balloons. I sure hope you get them. Here's hoping that our angels honor you on your special day.


Happy Birthday Precious Angel  / Delia Allan Tomlin's Mum
Happy Birthday Harley!  / Rosemary Sis Of ^j^ Alvin Cremeans

Thoughts and prayers for your family who love 
and miss you so much.

sis of ^j^ Alvin Cremeans

A grieving grandmother  / Armogene Carter (Computer friend )
My heart goes out to "H's family and friends.I have visited this web site many times,as my grandaughter also has a site here.We lost TIFFANY ZIHAL,Sept.7,2005.A drug crazed woman ran her car thru the wall and killed our precious Tiffy and wounded 4 others.That horrible person is now serveing 10 years in prison.The hurt never will go away for Harleys and Tiffanys families and friends.The pain will be with us until we see them again and we will see them again in heaven.I know the holidays are especially hard for Harleys mom and all his family and friends but God will get you through all the hard times and hopefully make it a little easier for knowing Harley is in heaven watching all of you and keeping you safe.My heart is broken for Harleys mom,she had to give up a precious child and that has to be the hardest thing a mother can do.I will keep all of you in my heart and prayers.If at all possible,try to have a wonderful Christmas and remember JESUS is the reason for the season.I read the tribute to Harley in the Fl.Times Union this morning,it was beautiful.Rest in Peace Harley and tell Tiffany her Nanny loves her and we miss her so much.You will all be in my heart and prayers forever.Armogene Carter
MERRY CHRISTMAS  / BETH Dickerson (Jimmy's Mom )
happy birthday  / Selma Flynn
Let it snow  / Rosemary Sis Of ^j^ Alvin Cremeans

From our family to yours, wishing you all a 
safe and peaceful Christmas.

The family of ^j^ Alvin Cremeans

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