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THANKSGIVING PRAYER  / BETH Dickerson (Jimmy's Mom )

Dear Father who art in Heaven...
Please join our family on this Thanksgiving Day
and bless each one as we sit down to pray
as we remember those who have joined you above
so dearly missed and deeply loved.

Please provide us strength on this Thanksgiving Day
Bless us with memories of those faraway...
Please grant patience to family and friends as we grieve
and help us reach out to others who are bereaved.

We give thanks to you on this Thanksgiving Day....
For Your presence in our lives each and everyday.
For Your comfort, guidance, and never ending love...
And for taking care of our loved ones...in Heaven above.

As we light this candle on this Thanksgiving Day...
And it glows in memory of those in Heaven today....
May their lights always shine down on us and give us light...
And may we feel their presence along with yours tonight.

May the peace and tranquility of this Thanksgiving Day
Be an everlasting light within each of us along the way...
Lets bow our heads and give our Thanks to God above.
For our blessings, whether on earth or in Heaven above...

Good Grief  / Veronica Angel Mom To Zachary Vanwinkle
Good Grief
By Joseph R. Veneroso

Between wordless sobs the soul cries out,
Grant them eternal rest, O Lord.
And prays despites a haunting doubt,
Let perpetual light shine on them.

Yet for us, the living, who remain to mourn the loss,
To feel the pain, to bear the shock, to question why
in God’s great plan they had to die, there is no peace,
No rest , no light nothing but an endless night.

When we, defeated by the truth, surrender to death’s
Other face, robbed of innocence and youth,
No power on earth can e’er replace,
Only in this, our darkest hour, can we truly hope to find
Among our tears God’s healing power, among our fears
True peace of mind, the simple faith to save our soul,
That perfect love to make us whole.

Against the sadness and the sorrow with every ounce of faith
Confessing hope for a better life tomorrow in our mourning
We find blessing.

HAPPY HOLLOWEEN  / BETH Dickerson (Jimmy's Mom )
love / Veronica Angel Mom To Zachary Vanwinkle
L Listen
O overlook
V value all people
E express ourself by giving
love / Veronica Angel Mom To Zachary Vanwinkle
L Listen
O overlook
V value all people
E express ourself by giving
For Harley  / Julie Our Angel Brian

Thinking of you and your Family Harley


Thinking of you angel and family with love  / Rosemary

Thoughts and prayers,

precious memories  / Shirley Dean

I know the grief we all bear seems at times too much to bear.  I wanted to share a story with you.  We worry about our loved one being forgotten.
My daughter got this idea that she wanted to contact my son Billy's friends after 38 years and tell them about the site.  She talked to some Army friends and school classmates as well.  All the years did not take their memories away.  They remember my Billy.  I was amazed that his memory was indeed living on.  They love him still.  I thought this was so heartwarming to know that Billy is remembered.  It comforted her knowing that her son will always be remembered too.
My son and my grandson will be forever young and forever remembered in the lives of others and that is the best medicine I could ever receive for my broken heart.  
I still grieve for Billy and for Dusty that is only only because I loved them and miss them.  Sometimes love hurts and this is one of those times.
Memories of Billy are still so fresh it is just like yesterday that I last saw my baby boy.  God has blessed me with so many precious memories that are mine and nobody can take them.  So I look at the pain that I endure as part of the loving process because without the pain I would have never loved.
I want to thank each one of you who light candles for Billy.  It is really hard for me to light because all this computer stuff is Greek to me, but each day I say prayers for all of you.  God has never failed me yet and God has brought you to me and I thank Him daily.

Remember you loved one will be never be forgotten, how blessed.

Shirley Dean
STARS / BETH Dickerson (Jimmy's Mom )
Thinking of You, Harley "H"....^i^  / Melisa Cooper (~Amanda's Mom~ )

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