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To the world.....  

To the world.....Harley was one person.....but to
us he meant  THE WORLD !*!*!*

Harley, "There Will Never Be Anyone Else Like You!!!!  


Anyone that ever knew Harley, knew how great of a guy he was. And he was quite the lady's man. But Harley knew how to have fun. Whether we were sitting in a garage, outside by a fire, or just driving around, he found a way to entertain you. He laughed, when you laughed. And you always wanted him around because he could make you laugh no matter what and he was awesome to hang out with. He made you feel happy with no care in the world. He lived from moment to moment. Just trying to be happy. When all the guys were together there was never a dull moment. Still never is, but it's not quite the same. Something was always happening, there's always someone to watch. Whether it's Johnny and Mike doing "the dice dance," or Fro making fun of someone, or Greg trying to make a fire, which by the way no one has been able to make a fire quite like Harley could. Reguardless, the guys have not been the same since Harley passed. Now the room just gets quite and someone will drop their head to cry, another will just leave the room. I have never seen any of these boys cry and I've know them awhile. That just goes to show how much Harley meant to them. No one has been the same since he passed. And I don't blame them for that because it's like a piece of all of us died too. Harley is always in the back of my mind. And I drive myself crazy thinking about him, and why these things happen to good people. But I don't want him to leave my mind because I'm afraid I'll forget something about him. May it be his sinister smile, his good nature, or the good ol' times with the guys. We all love him and miss him dearly. He touched so many peoples lives just by making them smile. Making that one persons day just a little bit easier, with a simple smile. And we have his parents and friends to thank for that. Every moment Harley experienced, he shared with his younger brother and friends. I have never seen two brothers so close together as Harley and Johnny were. They could get in the biggest fight but they were over it in minutes telling each other that they loved one another. Those two would back each other up  for anything. The rest of the guys were like their brothers too. His friends had such an impact on his life and who he became. That close group of friends he has meant so much to him...they were always together and would do anything for another. I, for one would like to take this time to thank his friends and parent's, Bev and step father Dan, for raising Harley to be such an outstanding guy. I know you all meant so much to Harley and no one can describe the pain you all feel through this tough time. But always remember that just because you can't see Harley everyday, doesn't mean he's not with you...He lives through you now!!  He lives through his friends too!!  Every moment you experience, he's with you. Bev, everytime you think of Harley, and his awesome personality and sense of humor, he's with you. And he always will be...He's gonna be there at  every  birthday and every Christmas and every Thanksgiving. Harley's gonna be there when Johnny and Nicole have their kids and even when they get married. Because he wouldn't miss those things for the world. I will never forget anything about Harley!! I won't forget all the times he broke his glasses, or the huge fires he would make because he was such a pyro. I won't forget how many dents he put in his truck when he got mad. I won't forget the heart to heart talks. I won't forget any jokes, smiles, or tears.
But mostly I won't ever forget all the great times he had with all his brothers. Because that's when he was his happiest!! So please anyone who knew Harley~"...make the best of this test and don't ask why. It's not a question, but a lesson learned in time. It's something unpredictable, but in the end it's right...I hope you had the time of your life!"
Nicole Eck (Mdblg, Fl)

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